Virtual Assistant & Internet Marketing Services

checkmark7    Does your business need extra support but you don’t want to hire a full-time employee?
checkmark7    Do you want to promote your website and social networks online but don’t have the time or know              where to begin?
checkmark7    No worries, we can help!

Save Time & Money

We can SAVE you TIME & MONEY over the cost of hiring a full-time employee by allowing you to turn your attention away from every day office details and focus on revenue generating tasks.

Grow your Business

As your Virtual Assistant & Internet Marketing Consultant we can maximize your time and help grow your business using the latest internet marketing strategies to increase your online presence, drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads.

Real-Time Support

By harnessing the power of the internet and the latest in computer and software technology we are able to provide your business with the real-time virtual support needed to maintain efficiency and productivity.

Our Services Include:

Website Management & Development

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Campaigns

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Internet Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Social Networking & Social Media

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Virtual Office & Management Services

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See what some of our Clients have to say:


“I hired Kirsten O’Keefe for her Virtual Assistant and Internet Marketing services and she’s done an excellent job! She’s very professional, knowledgeable, reliable, organized and always delivers results. She managed our search engine marketing campaign and not only got our company on top of the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing but she also reduced those marketing costs by over 90%! Kirsten also increased our online exposure with article marketing, professional & social networking and other internet marketing strategies, helping to drive more traffic and prospective leads to our website. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks again, Kirsten!”

Mike Radlovic/Co-Founder & CEO, TranStar Systems, Inc.
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